Using GEO

Everybody can sign up on and create their own maps. After sign up on, you will have your own username. It works just like common social media. So you can share your maps with the world, or embed to your personal website. Basically using our platform is FREE, because we want let everyone map anything they want.

Layer management

All data is managed in layer management.  We hide all data as default configuration to make our platform load fast. You can manage which data to be visible on maps and zoom to each layer. 

Base maps & location

You can choose what kine of base-maps to be used while you work on our platform. We provide Streets, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. Searching  a place, area, etc can be done by typing on search box. When you activate location button, it will show your current location. 

Tool Bar

This is the most interesting parts of using Analyse your maps can be done using Toolbox. It contain some great tools such as elevation, length, area, buffer (point), buffer (line), and layer interaction. Layer interaction is used to analyse your maps in general way, we develop some tools like TIN, buffer, centroid, voronoi, and more. Details is a tools used to look the attribute inside your data, it has also a searching and sorting tools for you to filter values from all attribute data inside. It can generate a report in pdf, exel, and others also. Inspect is a specific tools to look attributes from a single objects. And navigate is used to estimate route with real traffict informations. 


a toolbox that change the way you analyze on maps

Elevation + Coordinat

Calculate an Area

Unit Converter

Calculate Length

Circle Buffer



Layer Interaction

It’s a common question about How high is that place?How long is that river?, How large is that area?, or Is that thing inside range?. We know that this basic geospatial analytical tools is really important. Aside from the ability that you can make analysis from your maps, it is also act as a decision maker for you. So, we build a toolbox to analyze elevation, line, area, buffer, etc. It is a toolbox that changes the way you analyze on maps.

a details to search and report anyhing you want! 

Having a lot of data, either it is geospatial data, real time IoT data or CCTV could not be more efficient to search on the maps by clicking on each feature. So, we build a great tool that it is not only showing all the featured data in a list, but it has also a filter that can make anything you search easier and faster. This tool has a built-in zoom in feature. Just click on attributes and it will be zooming in on the maps. There is one more cool feature, with details you can download the data in csv, json, xlsx, and pdf. It’s an intuitive details  to search and report anything you want!

inspect anything on the maps and know what the details inside

You can inspect anything on the maps and know what the details inside. There are two options to inspect a feature on the maps. A dynamic inspect is already available soon you open your maps. We create an intuitive visualization to make all the real time data on the maps understandable. We believe that this will change how you decide the action efficiently. 


navigate and plan best route with real time trafic, to decide which way to go!

A spatial room in „now“adays is not a passive data anymore. In order to work with future, all of our things must be human-alike intelligence. We all know that traffic jam is the biggest problem in a big city that slows down productivity. Imagine if you have a lot of assets that are moving in the city and all them are slowing down because of the traffic. So, we create a feature that helps you manage to create the best route for all your assets. Now you can navigate and plan the best route with real time traffic to decide which way to go!


We are using GeoJSON as our default file format to make our platform run fast. Beside that, GeoJSON is a lightweight geospatial data. GeoJSON contains geometry and additional properties (data attribute).  You can create a point, line, multi-line, polygon, multi-polygon within GeoJSON geometry type. You can easily convert shape-file (SHP) to GeoJSON with mapshaper and upload to your mapid maps. Another data format such as CSV, KML, GPX, OSM XML, GTFS, TopoJSON can be imported while you edit on your new layer. 

Type of Data

Create or import a Standard geospatial datas.

As we know that maps is not about creating a new features but overlaying with existing features. You can create new features or import an existing features to FLOW. As a standard view type, GeoJSON could be determine as symbol (point), line, and fill (polygon). As an example, you can use symbol as an object for a city or landmarks, line as rivers or highways road, polygon as water body area or country area. 

Insight is the way a maps tell a story.

Creating a story on maps can be more interesting on mapid. You can embed an image from anywhere, insert title, and write a story about your objects. With insight, you can tell anything on maps easier. For example, you can use insight to tell a story, creating historical maps, creating social related information, and many more. With details on toolbar, you can sort, filter, or search additional properties (data attribute) from insight layer

Integrate a real time camera vision with Television.

CCTV as monitoring system has been used by so many people today. You can create a Television data type on flow. You just need to embed your cctv address and locate the cctv coordinate on maps. Some government agencies, companies, and organization already built their own monitoring system. With mapid, you can easily map and see all your cctv in a single platform. Using details and toolbox can change the way you analyse on your monitoring system.

Build your own IoT devices visualise it on maps.

Many people start to create their own IoT devices today. With a famous open-source  micro-controller such as Arduino and many other boards, people can sensing a lot of things today. There are 37 sensors available in Arduino. Combining each sensor with programmatic micro-controller boards, expand its use case. IoT weather station, smart plantation, smart logistic, and many other IoT use cases explain how this technology change people life today. Mapid is your solution to integrate and maps all your IoT devices in an intuitive symbol.









You need more than enterprises license? 

No problem, we can build your special platform within special request

in some case, we understand that your platform functional needs might be more specific than our default platform. With passionate and dedicated {Software Engineers; GIS Engineers; Mechatronics Engineers; and Business Strategist} team, we can build your special platform on special request.  So, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you needs! we'd love to help you.