mapid team


Our team are filled with passionate and dedicated {Software Engineers; GIS Engineers; Mechatronics Engineers; and Business Strategist}



We are a group of young people who have the same vision and imagination to make world a better place by developing technologies. We believe that technologies are not something that push us apart. On the contrary, technologies bring us closer. We develop technologies by imagining something that is needed for our future, then asking what if, what if… > there comes the ideas > then we develop it! 

2017 - Now

2016 - 2017

2014 - 2016

Developing our own technologies surely needs a lot of energy, experiment, and investment. With proven track record of satisfactory from our clients, we believe this is the time. So… we develop technologies with BIG Data and IoT. Our developed platform are finally hatched after 8 months of incubation. The concept of our developed platform has been planted in the great mind of our CEO for some time. His concerns for our environment led him to finally create something that will be beneficial for all elements of life. Our masterpiece is aimed to help surrounding with the collaboration of science and technology.

We built partnership and distributed technologies from other countries. Our first partnership was with a drone company from Germany. We started to distribute their aerial solution in Indonesia. Afterwards, we brought another product like GPS RTK from Spain, Collaborative Mapping from Croatia, and VTOL Drone technologies from China. Overall, we had sign several projects with total value of more than 250.000 USD in a year. It was quite impressive, we thought.

We started our business with a drone mapping service. Aerial mapping with a drone was a huge step in photogrammetry mapping. We built our own homemade drone with an open source autopilot inside. We placed a proper camera inside and take off!!! That is how we started our business.

As a startup company, we built a team that is dedicated in software engineer, geoinformatics, mechatronics, and business strategist. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Developer Team. Together, they create a strong foundation of what could possibly be the most advanced technology in GIS realm in the moment.



Science and technology always fascinates him. His concerns about environment is as big as his fascination about science and technology. That is the main reason why Bagus built . He wants to help numerous people by the platform and sensor he built. Imagine having to bear a super great concept that is meant for the future of our mankind. He can handle that. He invested his time and energy for this. He gathered some people who have the same vision with him. The way he approaches people to get connected is what makes him a favourable CEO. Can we all do that if we were him?


To be able to manage our company’s finance on whatever kind of situations makes Bayu a reliable Finance Director. If we tell you that he calculates almost everything, you may not believe us. But, he does. We can always find him tucked in comfortably between spreadsheets or any form of numbers we do not comprehend. On a daily basis, he is our great reminder in terms of what to do and what not to do. He gives us suggestions from his point of view—the most wise and rational one, the one that can makes us walking on a safe path without worrying too much on what could be gone wrong.





We have been lucky enough to have Neno as our Marketing Director. Neno helps us launch new initiatives and grow strategic plans for our campaigns. She pays attention to details but she also sees the big picture. She puts the company goals on top of her mind. She executes the possibly best strategy for us, so anyone can hear us roar. Her background in Communication Science makes her communication skills excellent. 


Muftia is our Marketing Executive. She works under Neno in Marketing Division. Together, their goal is to make good impressions for our clients and make us their best partner to ever work with. Like Neno, she also handles campaigns. In between e-mails and phone calls, she will be spending her time creating marketing contents. Suffice to say, she’s our full-time Marketing Executive and a Creative in disguise.





Yacob is our Back End Developer. He controls the data flows from users to As an IT graduate who is experienced at software engineering, his programming skills are in no doubt. He masters high proficiency programming language. Behind the remarkably smooth performance of and fully integrated IoT Devices, there are some work of his hands that we surely do not understand. Perhaps we need to sip on the same cup of knowledge to get the equal share of what is on his mind.


GIS is Miko’s area of expertise. He knows a lot about GIS. Literally. That, alone, can really be a jaw-dropper, knowing someone that literally knows a lot about GIS. Hope this will not shake your world because he is also excellent at coding. You read it right. He can code. A Geodetic Engineer that works really good at coding. So, he double duties as a Front End Developer. The sleek design that pleases your eyes and features in that makes extracting data seems to be just like snapping your fingers… those are his works.


Machrus is our Mechatronician. He successfully made an IoT device from unintegrated components  His purpose is to help you create and take control of your own devices. He has a background in Mechatronical Engineering and that helps him when doing research. When you read the tutorials in our website on how to connect your IoT devices to, how to build your own GPS tracker, or even how to create Weather Station by yourself, he wrote all that. Your success becomes his pride.